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Mukai Iron Works Co., Ltd. has been upheld by the high technical strength of its workmen since being established by Shozo Mukai in 1961. We have developed into a company boasting over 50 years of tradition and achievements as we aim for “craftsmanship approved by our customers.” From design to material procurement, machining, welding, assembly, and inspection, we make lump-sum contracts for the entire workflow. We are also fully equipped with specialized machinery such as long lathes and front lathes, making practically all machining and so forth possible at our company. We are able to perform improvement activities from an optimal overall viewpoint by carrying out integrated production. All of our workers strive daily to realize a system that can meet our customers’ needs and to contribute to the “delight” of our customers.
The workers are united in their daily efforts to be a company that continues to communicate both domestically and overseas that along with succeeding to a new age the proven skills and trust of our workmen that have been cultivated since our establishment, we accept new ideas from the younger generation as we look further into the future.

Kenji Mukai, CEO

Company Profile

Company Name Mukai Iron Works, Co., Ltd.
CEO Kenji Mukai, CEO
Location 【Headquarters】
〒660-0832 Hyogo Prefecture, Amagasaki City, Higashihatsushimacho 2-1
TEL:06-6488-1571 / FAX:06-6488-0745
【Nishinagasu Factory 】
〒660-0805 Hyogo Prefecture, Amagasaki City, Nishinagasucho 1-3-41
Business Introduction ■Machine design/manufacturing/selling
■Machine repair/assembly
■Plate processing/welding
Contractor’s License License number Hyogo Governor License (General一 27)No. 217153
Capital 10 million yen
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Date of Establishment 1961, February
Affiliated Company Fukoku Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Trading Experience Kurimoto, Ltd / Toa Valve Engineering Inc.
Osaka Rasenkan Kogyo Co., Ltd./ Teikoku Machinery works, Ltd.



【Nishinagasu Factory】

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Improvements to the privacy policy
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Mukai Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Hyogo Prefecture, Amagasaki City, Higashihatsushimacho 2-1
TEL:06-6482-1571 / FAX:06-6488-0745